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Creative Data
2018 was the year when companies started to take data seriously. Historically, it’s been consumers who have created the bulk of the world’s data, but that’s changing fast, and by 2025 it’s predicted that enterprises will become the world’s biggest data creators. From fitness-trackers to connected fridges, from purchasing habits to travel plans - big data is here to stay, and it’s helping companies to transform their businesses. But how can you as marketer take advantage of the data revolution happening now?

Join us for an evening and share the ideas from companies who truly believe data is the source to creativity and great experience.
A magic evening that will take place at the The Absolut Company hosted by their innovation hub: LivingLab.

17.00 Welcome to the 6th CMO goes Tech -meetup.
The founders of CMO goes Tech, Gül Heper and Cecilia Hjertzell, will kick off the event, together with together with Ilgi Evecan Duran, Head of LivingLab, The Absolut Company’s Innovation Hub.

17.05 Get inspired from our Martech Award winner Christian Cabau, Klarna's Marketing Manager of Sweden and Finland, will share his view on Klarna's success with martech - and why he believes his marketing budget is best spent on improving the customer experience.

17.25 Take a well-known interface and combine it with your target audience data. Et voilá - you get a succesful marketing campaign. Stefan Månsby and Veronica Lundberg, Basefarm - part of Orange group, will share some of their succesful campaigns brought to life with a great portion of creativity in combination with data.

17.45 Data + frustration - two good ingredients for a great campaign. Johanna Sahlman, Head of Halebop, will share the story behind one of Halebop's awarded campaigns. Built on behavoiural understanding and data.

18:05 Time for mingle, explore the fantastic location at the Absolut Company, and to get to know your network and presenters.


Cecilia & Gül

A big thank you to Ilgi Evecan Duran and The Absolut Company & LivingLab for hosting CMO goes TECH at your wonderful location.

And a special thanks to Confetti for the great support so we can invite our members to our meet ups, with your fantastic tool.

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All you need to know

The meetup will take place at The Absolut Company LivingLab., located at Liljeholmen.
Enter the main entrance and follow the signs.
Drinks and finger food will be served.

Looking forward to see you!

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Stefan Månsby
Chief Evangelist & VP Big Data at Basefarm

Broad experience in the IT industry and has driven change in many organizations throughout the years. His main passion is digital innovation and he is a great photographer and music producer.

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Veronica Lundberg
Marketing Manager at Basefarm

Marketer that now has fallen in love with the geeky side of IT. She believes in a future where marketing has grown into a real data driven department in combination with brilliant creative minds

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Christan Cabau
Market Manager Sweden & Finland at Klarna

Christian lives to create advertising that sparks conversations and stirs emotions. Coming from a broad marketing background, with experience from both the client and agency side. Since two years he is now completely engulfed in transforming Klarna from a rational payments provider to an emotional shopping experience as the Marketing Director for Klarna Sweden.

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Johanna Sahlman
Head of Halebop

"Live my life in constant beta, current iteration as Head of Halebop. Earlier pivots in design, CX and marketing. Still trying to connect the dots between customer insigths, work culture and business development, but winning a bunch of marketing awards a long that journey."

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